Like most things made out of wool or fabric, a hat can get dirty. The easiest way to keep your hat from getting too stained is to clean it before dirt has time to set in. To do this, you’ll need a soft towel and some cleaning solution. If the hat gets wet , the best solution is dish soap diluted with water. For oily stains, mix rubbing alcohol with water instead. Never use bleach on a felt-type material because it may dissolve the fibers, ruining the shape and shine of your hat’s exterior .

Who should clean hats?

The best solution for how to clean hats is usually just washing them by hand when have the time. Hats that are frequently worn or that you don’t want to damage can be cleaned using the following solution:

      1/2 cup cool water

     1/4 cup baby shampoo (or dish soap)

     2 tablespoons rubbing alcohol

Floating debris should come off after the first soak. If it doesn’t, soak for another five minutes and check again. Rinse thoroughly with cold water until there’s no more suds. Air dry the hat by supporting it on a hanger , especially if it’s wool, because too much heat can shrink it . Once the hat is dry, reshape it with your hands and store flat in a box or drawer out of direct sunlight. For how to clean hats are made from straw, just shake the hat to remove debris. If there’s dirt caked into it, brush it off with an old toothbrush . For how to clean hats made of felt material, use a soft cloth and wipe away dust. Never saturate or submerge your hat in water because it can damage the shape or even dissolve felt fibers over time.

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