What to Look for in Cowboy Hats

When one is looking for cowboy hats, the best place to begin when narrowing down your decision is with brand names. Each company has its own unique way of designing a hat and it’s best to become familiar with each of them before choosing a style. Once you know what types of brands you would like to look at, do some research online and find out which popular models have been reviewed best by other customers. The best brands may not always be easy to find, but they are worth the extra effort.

For many people, the best cowboy hats for sale would be best identified by looking at all of the different styles and types that a company offers in their line along with what other customers have had to say about them. This is one reason why it’s best to stick with a company that has been around for many years.

Somehow, best cowboy hats are best defined by the style of the person wearing them rather than their actual design. The best-looking cowboy hat will usually not be best for your needs if you have no intention of using it for what it was intended. It’s important to consider who the best brands best serve before choosing a company to purchase the best cowboy hat from.

It is best when people use this information in making their best decision.

1. Ariat Men’s Wool Cowboy Hat

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This is a brand that many people trust when they are searching for the best cowboy hats. Ariat’s products have been used in working with horses, going on long trail rides, and going to rodeos for years. Ariat offers a wide selection of cowboy hats including straws, felt, and nylon designs. Ariat also has a model available known as the Ariat Heritage Rodeo Cowboy Hat. This hat features a unique embroidery design with silver buckle accents.

As with any good product review, people should not be fooled into believing that the best brands are always expensive ones. Ariat offers their cowboy hats at very affordable prices which makes them perfect for beginners. Their felt models are usually priced below 100 dollars, with most costing between 20 and 30 dollars. Ariat’s straw hats are even cheaper, usually being sold for less than ten dollars.

It is important that people look into all of the popular best cowboy hat brands before finalizing their decision about which company to purchase from. Ariat has been around for many years now and they are the best choice for people who are beginners. Ariat has a model available for any type of weather and it’s made with quality construction to last for years. Ariat is one of the best cowboy hat brands because their hats are perfect regardless if you’re looking to purchase your first hat or your tenth one.

  • -Affordable
  • -Classic look
  • -Reliable brand
  • -Not many color options

2. Shelpers Resistol Men’s Sage 6X Midnight Western Felt Hat

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Shelpers cowboy hats are best known for their durability and classic western look. Shelpers has been creating the best cowboy hats for over 30 years, making them one of the oldest companies in the business. Shelper’s Resistol brand is used by many professional rodeo cowboys and they fit “true to size.”

Shelpers Resistol Cowboy Hats are made from quality materials and their models must meet the rigors of a professional’s daily use. Shelper’s felt hats are usually priced under 100 dollars and they offer over 30 different hat styles. Shelper’s Resistol cowboy hats will last for many years and they also sell replacement hat bands so you can freshen up your old hat with a new look.

Shelper’s Resistol brand is the best choice for someone who lives the cowboy life on the ranch or at work every day. Shelper’s has a model available that will match your needs no matter what they are. Shelpers Resistol Best Cowboy Hat Brands are made to last longer than most other brands on this list and they have a variety of different styles and colors.

Shelper’s Resistol Cowboy Hats are also sold at very affordable prices making them perfect for beginners and professionals alike! Shelper’s has a hat model available for any type of weather and if you’re looking to purchase your first cowboy hat Shelper’s is the best place to go.

  • -Reliable brand
  • -Quality hat
  • -Expensive

3. Men’s Bozeman Wool Felt Crushable Cowboy Hat

Купить Stetson Men's Bozeman Wool Felt Crushable Cowboy Hat на Аукцион из Америки с доставкой в Россию, Украину, Казахстан

Bozeman has been making the best cowboy hats for over 20 years. Men’s Bozeman Wool Felt Crushable Cowboy Hat is hand crafted in the USA and only uses the finest quality materials available.

The Men’s Bozeman was introduced in 2005 after Men’s Longmire Hat became very popular among customers worldwide.

Men’s Bozeman Wool Crushable Cowboy Hat is made from 100 percent wool felt and is available in Men’s Regular, Men’s Large, and Men’s XL sizes. The hat features a classic cowboy hat crown design with a 4 1/2 inch wide brim, making it the best choice for any rodeo event. It is very lightweight.

Men’s Bozeman Wool Felt Crushable Cowboy Hat offers a stylish and comfortable fit. Hats are available in natural colors only, including black, silver-grey, and light brown. It is priced at just under 100 dollars making it the perfect choice.

  • -Reliable, high-quality brand
  • -Affordable price
  • -Bounce-back technology


    Q: Can you wear a cowboy hat if I’m not a cowboy?

    A: Yes, absolutely! People of all ages and genders can wear cowboy hats. It’s the perfect accessory for any outfit and acts as an excellent source of sun protection. People also like to buy one as a gift for loved ones on special occasions.

    Q: What is a felt hat?

    A: A felt hat can be made from either real rabbit fur or from wool. Wool feels more comfortable against the skin though and is slightly more durable. It’s usually created by soaking the wool in petroleum jelly or alcohol, which causes the fibers to bind together naturally creating a strong and durable material.

    Q: What is cowboy hat etiquette?

    A: Cowboy hat etiquette is a set of standards that deal with cowboy hats. These standards help the people surrounding a cowboy determine how they should behave him or her. When you wear a cowboy hat it means something about you and these standards let other’s know what your values are as well as how to properly interact with you.

    Q: What is Cowboy Style?

    A: Cowboy style is a lifestyle that typically includes, but is not limited to: cowboy hats, boots, leather vests, and flannel shirts. It also often includes lots of denim jeans. Cowboy style can include anything else handmade or simple in nature.

    Q: Why do cowboy hats curl up?

    A: Cowboy hats are often made up of either wool or felt. Both materials naturally curl up at the bottom. The material will bounce back to its original shape afterward though so it’s rarely a problem.

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