Nothing has been more confusing for me than the question of whether or not wearing a hat makes you go bald. I’ve read tons of articles that say there is no link, and then I find other articles that say yes, it does make your hair fall out. So which one is it? Does wearing a hat make you go bald, or not?

The answer: It depends.

It is possible that wearing a hat could cause your hair to fall out, but it probably won’t be the hat itself that is causing you to lose hair. Your hair loss might be linked to the fact that you are wearing the hat so much.

What I mean by that is that when you are wearing a hat, it covers up your hair follicles, blocking the light from hitting it. Studies have shown that when you block your hair follicles from getting direct sunlight on them, they can go into hibernation mode. Hibernation in humans means to take things slow and easy, which is what a hair follicle will do when not receiving sunlight. Because your hair gets less sunlight when it’s covered, it can be harder for [the hair] to stay healthy and will weaken over time. This means that the hat is not causing your hair to fall out, but rather that wearing a hat might contribute (along with many other things) to the hair becoming unhealthy and eventually falling out.

Of course, just because your hair loss might not be directly linked to wearing a hat doesn’t mean that you should start going crazy with hats if you’ve been wearing them for years. The good news is that there are other things that can help keep your hair healthy and strong – even if you wear a hat.

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