You may have hats that are dirty, hats that are hard to clean by hand, hats that are just old and need freshening up. Whatever the reason, hats can be washed in your dishwasher!

To wash hats in the dishwasher:

1. Remove excess mud from the hat with a wet sponge or rag BEFORE putting it in the dishwasher.

2. Place hats on the top rack of an empty dishwasher tray, ensuring they do not touch each other during the cycle so you can get another hat cleaned at a later date without having to wash them again. If hats touched each other during this process they would become irretrievably knotted together and will have to be cut apart — not economical if you just bought a hat for $100.

3. Set the machine to run on hot water (not warm or cold) and specify an extra rinse setting if available, but make sure you use HE (High-Efficiency) detergent to avoid sudsing up your hats beyond what is necessary.

4. After completing a full wash cycle with a steam dry function, remove hats from the dishwasher and allow them to air-dry before wearing again so they can become fully detangled. You may want to try hats on periodically during the drying process in order to feel out any areas of discomfort that have been caused by misshaping during washing. If hats are still too tight after being dried, just let them sit for 24 hours outside of the hatbox to allow them to stretch out a bit, then try again.

5. When hats have been completely air-dried and feel comfortable on your head, gently iron hats with a hot steam iron set to the wool/delicate setting to remove any creases or wrinkles that may have formed during washing (do not place hats in a dryer as hats need to be allowed to retain their shape even when damp). Now they are ready for use!

The most important thing you should never do with hats is NEVER DRY THEM IN A HOT DRYER AS THIS WILL RUIN THE SHAPE AND LEAVE YOU WITH A MESS THAT CANNOT BE RESTORED. Also, refrain from boiling hats in water or putting hats through an intense dry-cleaning process. As for hats that are made of felt, it is best to spot clean them with a sponge or moist rag before using the dishwasher method. Good hats should come with care instructions so be sure to always check those first before deciding what method you want to use in washing hats.

Though this process may seem scary at first, hats can actually be washed safely in your dishwasher! Just follow these easy steps and you will have hats looking like new in no time! Washing hats by hand is time-consuming and not ideal when you need perfectly cleaned hats immediately; if your heart desires someone else’s hat, try having it dry-cleaned by professional cleaners at least once every six to keep it looking its best.

For hats that should not be washed in the dishwasher, consider hats with delicate leather bands and hats with feathers as these can become slightly waterlogged if stuck in a machine for too long. If hats have been carefully produced without any plastic or metal parts, they will probably do fine. The most important thing to remember is never to use hot water as this will ruin hats over time.

Also, hats that have been customized with your name or initials embroidered on them can never be washed properly as washing will cause the stitching to lose its shape and the initials to fade. While these hats are beautiful to own, they should be completely dry-cleaned using professional cleaners by technically skilled individuals who know how to handle hats delicately.

Hats should generally be cleaned every three months unless hats are worn daily or in poor weather conditions. If hats get wet often, it is best to avoid washing them and just spot clean hats with a sponge and some detergent and dry-cleaning solvent (be aware that this will not completely sterilize hats, but it will get hats pretty clean).

Always air dry hats before wearing them again immediately after washing– hats should never be worn while still damp. Also, the process of gently ironing hats with a hot steam iron set to the wool/delicate setting is extremely helpful in removing any wrinkles that may have formed during washing and helps reset hats to their original shape. Once hats are dry, hats may feel slightly tighter than they did before washing but hats that are well made should stretch out slightly overtime to get back to the original size of the hatband once hats have been worn a few times!

Now you know how to wash hats in the dishwasher… go ahead and wear hats with confidence that hats are clean, fresh, and ready to wear! Maybe you can invent a new fashion statement with hats– hats could be the next big thing. But remember… hats already are the next big thing! Just look around you– everyone can tell who you are by your hats alone. Hats make people feel happy because hats make people smile. It’s a good feeling to have hats– hats are happiness. So hats can be part of your life now that you know how to wash hats in the dishwasher!

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