How to Store Hats

If you are looking to organize your hats, follow this easy step-by-step guide.

Keep your winter items in an organized space so that the next season they can be found easily and put into use without delay. *

Hats are one of those things that most people have somewhere in their homes- probably just stuffed away in a closet for safekeeping until the weather starts to turn colder. There is nothing worse than pulling out last season’s hat or buying an expensive new hat only to find it has lost its shape or form over time because it was simply shoved into the back of a closet with all sorts of other items;  lost.

This very simple home organizing tip will help you to keep your hats neatly stored in a way that allows you to see exactly what you have and, if necessary, also add to your collection in an organized fashion.


Step One: Gather the items you will need for this project. These include a garment rack, clothes pins or clips, and large zip-lock storage bags. An alternative is a hanging fabric organizer but any sturdy cloth bag with a zipper can be used in place of this as well.

Step Two: Before placing your hats into the storage bag determine how many compartments there will be by laying out all of your hats on top of each other. Some may only require one compartment while others may require two;  the size of the bag will play an important part in determining how many compartments are needed.

Step Three: Fold each hat in half lengthwise, again keeping the size of each one separate from the other so that you can determine how many compartments there will be for your hats. Also, place any bulky winter items on top of all of your folded hats to ensure you have enough space in the bag for everything.

Step Four: You should now have a pile of folded or hanging bags with bulky winter items placed on top. Now it is time to put them inside the garment rack. Start off by placing your boots upside down at either side making sure they are evenly distributed so that you do not overload one side more than the other and cause the rack to tip over. Next, place the folded bagged hats in the center of your rack making sure they are evenly distributed as well. The last step is to hang up your hanging bags or stuff them into the compartments that the garment rack provides.

Step Five: Hang your garment rack in an out-of-the-way closet and enjoy! No more bulky winter items piled on top of each other with no real organization. Now everything is neatly stored away, protected from moths and damage until next season when you can once again enjoy wearing them.

Hats help keep us warm during cold weather but also can make a fashion statement every season of the year by helping to complete our outfits and us an opportunity to express ourselves through what we choose to wear. No matter the reason for your hat purchases the most important thing is that they are stored in an organized fashion so that when you go to find one you can be sure it has not lost its shape or form, something easily done when placed somewhere in a pile with other items. So next time you purchase a new hat make sure to store it in an organized space to avoid this problem!

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